Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Army Corp of Engineers Wants You!

You now have a unique opportunity to voice your concern to the US Army Corps of Engineers about Dominion Power's ill-planned proposal to build 300' tall transmission line towers across the James River and desecrate views of our Founding River from several historic and important sites.

The Army Corp of Engineers Wants You!
Comments Due by June 20, 2015

Late last month, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District, USACE published a notice on its web site seeking public input on Dominion Virginia Power's plan to build the Surry-Skiffes Creek project, 17, high-voltage, transmission towers across the James River from Hog Island to just east of Carter's Grove Plantation.
The Corps of Engineers is seeking comments to assist in their evaluation of the impact of the project on historic properties and evaluation of alternatives, which could avoid, minimize or mitigate the adverse effects of this project. The comment period ends on June 20, 2015.  

Comments may be submitted by email or in writing to:

Norfolk District, Corps of Engineers
Attention: Randy Steffey
803 Front Street
Norfolk, VA 23510-1096

Public meetings hosted by the Corps of Engineers should follow this comment period.

Please let your voice be heard.  Write to the Army -- before June 20!

It is very important that USACE and Dominion be convinced that there is national interest in this. Dominion is using scare tactics, e.g., threatening brownouts, etc. to avoid very feasible alternatives to the transmission towers. However, we are advised that those threats would be unlikely as it is obliged to offer service despite probably getting fined for air quality regulatory non-compliance at the coal-fired generators it must replace.

The James River is worth protecting. Here are some compelling reasons for joining us in submitting YOUR comments.

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