Saturday, July 12, 2014

Can We Stave Off Doomsday for the James River View Shed?

The effort to preserve the James River view shed continues as the Coalition to Save the James has met with staff of Senator Mark Warner of Virginia.

There is a lot going on the behind-the-scenes. The individuals involved with the Coalition are contributing their considerable skills and putting in lot of time and effort.

There is growing national interest in this issue, which the Army Corps of Engineers has acknowledged. We hope that the attention from California Senator Dianne Feinstein was noticed in the meeting with Senator Warner's staff. She has the ability to influence ACOE's budget and funding.

The Coalition’s major immediate objective is to get the Army Corps of Engineers to follow its full protocol for its permit process by insisting on accommodating the public's comments and questions and performing an Environmental Impact Study, as called for in its regulations.

They are having some success, as it seems likely that ACOE will hold a 30 day public comment period at a future but undetermined time where your letters, messages and questions must be considered. We will advise when we learn of notification of that comment period.

Please review this issue with what we have previously posted and be prepared to give the ACOE your views at the appropriate time - when they will be most meaningful and effective.

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