Saturday, April 6, 2013

New: Jamestown Rediscovery Society

The Jamestown Rediscovery archeological site should be important to all of us who are Society members and those interested in it. 

The past two decades’ remarkable discoveries of James Fort, the million-plus artifacts left by our ancestors and evidence of the 1608 church where Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married are important contributions to the historical knowledge of our nation’s origins. In my view, it is our important archeological dig. 

Now, JR’s newsletter tells us, “There is a new way for people to maintain closer ties with Historic Jamestowne. There will be unique opportunities to learn about the daily discoveries at the original 1607 site of James Fort. Under the auspices of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the Jamestown Rediscovery Society was recently formed, and membership is open to all interested in further supporting this important site--the first permanent English colony in North America.” 

Please go to to learn more, how to become a charter member and help assure that this valuable work will continue.   

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