Wednesday, November 3, 2010

"The Lost Colony May Be Found"

Among the objectives for the Jamestown adventurers was ascertaining the fate of the Lost Colony at Roanoke. The speculation on what happened has been wide-ranging over the centuries and there have been recent digs and reports of artifact findings that may have begun to shine some light on what may have happened.
There is even a web site devoted to it (Lost Colony Research Group: They have posted an 11/1 article by Erin James of the Virginian-Pilot headlined “The Lost Colony May Be Found” that reports on Scott Dawson, who feels he has discovered reasonable inferences that the colony may have sought refuge with and been accommodated by a friendly indigenous tribe. 

Dawson opened the Hatteras Histories and Mysteries Museum in Buxton, NC in April 2010 after the productive dig near Buxton (formerly a Croatoan tribal settlement) by a team from the University of Bristol in the city of the same name in England. To read the article, click on the headline above or go to

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