Saturday, September 19, 2009

New Archeological Discoveries Near Jamestowne

According to an article by Rusty Carter in the Virginia Gazette on September 16, Alain Outlaw of Williamsburg-based Archaeological & Cultural Solutions has uncovered another settlement or village near Jamestowne for which he has been searching since 1975.

“It’s been a slow process,” said Outlaw, who is also an adjunct professor at Christopher Newport University. For two years, since he got access to the land, his students and volunteers have researched the site.

Carter goes on to report, “The village was started in 1617 by Capt. Samuel Argall, then a colorful lieutenant governor of the colony. It thrived for three years, but his impetuous behavior led many of the settlers to move away to Martin’s Hundred near Carter’s Grove Plantation”.

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