Thursday, August 20, 2009

PBS Rebroadcasts Special on Jamestown's Founding

PBS rebroadcast a 2007 Time Team Special on Jamestowne’s founding and early years last night (August 19). This was produced by Britain’s Channel 4 and first shown in May 2007, but still is worth viewing for those who haven’t seen it. It is being rebroadcast in coming days at late hours.

Jamestown - America's Birthplace - centers around the archaeological dig, APVA’s Jamestown Rediscovery, and offers some great shots of an excited Bill Kelso showing joy at recovered artifacts being brought out from the early excavation of a well (go to our post of August 4 – New Findings at Historic Jamestown – for a link that will keep you current on what’s going on there).

The other feature of the program is its British perspective on Jamestown’s founding, and genealogical links with several of the earliest settlers, particularly carpenters who were the designers and builders of it earliest houses.

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